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Finance & Accounts Department:

Finance & Accounts Department is under direct supervision of Managing Director Finance and Accounts. It has only one wing Finance and Accounts which measures the risk factor associated with our investments, locates money and potential investors as required and keeps the Accounts reports updated.


This department has three wings. As a small company our admin is given authorities by the board of directors to peruse the responsibilities of recruiting, dealing with the legal affairs and maintaining the office code of conducts. As prescribed in General Meeting of our Board of Directors this given responsibilities are subject to change.


Operations is the main department of developing online solutions which consists of five wings NOC Team, TQM, R&D Technical support and SCM. TQM measures and challenges to provide highest quality support across the globe. In order to do that it requires Research and Development and best Supply chain to maintain the best output as wished by our clients.

Business Development:

Business Development seeks new way of doing business inside the technology world. We seek new customer and their clear speech of solutions with a view to earn profit both of the sides. Since the work is generally complicated to deal with so by taking the advantage of Marketing and Promotion Department we strive for future objective to accomplish inside the Department.

Marketing & Promotion:

Our main job is to help the Business Development Department to accomplish their objectives with a view to achieve the goal of our company. We keep the relationship with our clients and feel warm when they need us for support and solutions. We totally depend on this department because this department helps our business to accelerate our sales with the help of highly qualified sales team. We have experienced sales and marketing team around the globe those who works day and night for penetrating the market Apart from these departments and wings we also have some committees which are made by selecting high profile people from the arena of technology and business. Their experience and high thought values will make our goal and targets achievable.
Committee for Company Well fair:

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